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KFANKA Lash Mascara 2 Pcs Set Lavender Curl and Aloe Vera Extra Volume

KFANKA Lash Mascara 2 Pcs Set Lavender Curl and Aloe Vera Extra Volume

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  • 2-PIECE MASCARA SET – You've never seen stunningly natural and volumizing lashes until you’ve tried our best-selling mascara set. With this 2-piece set, you will have perfectly sleek, long, full lashes that highlight and accentuate your eyes. The fine comb brushes gives you better control to apply the mascara evenly across your lashes without clumping. A mascara that enhances the natural volume of your eyelashes, gives it a lovely curl free of lumps, and defines the power of your look.
  • MAX VOLUME & CURL – For extra volume and instant curl, these mascara will shape your lashes beautifully and give you naturally volumizing lashes anytime you wear this. It will reliably give you full long lashes every time. It never flakes throughout the day and is non-irritating. This mascara set comes with a total of 2 pieces in True Black color and is perfect for natural yet stunning flair to your eyes. This collection of mascara will surely become your favorite go-to for any occasion.
  • ALOE VERA & LAVENDER – With a specialized formula, this is made with Aloe Vera for maximum volume and Lavender to beautifully curl your lashes. The brush is designed to thicken lashes evenly without clumping, leaving your lashes to look very natural. The color and texture are made to make your eyelashes look longer and abundant. You will notice the difference with this exclusive formula! It’s a must-have for anyone who loves beauty, makeup, cosmetics, cosplay/costume and stage makeup art.
  • LONG-LASTING STYLE – Durable and high quality, this mascara is designed for long-lasting style. It’s a dreamy eyelash mascara that does everything you want mascara to do for your lashes; bold fuller eyelashes without clumps for a clean, chic look that won’t smudge or rub off even after hours of wear. For removal, use your choice of makeup remover to wash off. This is an essential mascara every girl needs in her makeup kit. Mascara that lasts all day and night long and looks good every time.


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