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Palm Pocket Hair Brush Combs 12 Pieces

Palm Pocket Hair Brush Combs 12 Pieces

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  • POCKET SIZED HAIR BRUSH – You've never seen a convenient compact sized hair brush until you’ve tried our best-seller Pocket Hair Brush. This mini pocket size brush is designed to slip over your palm for you to easily palm brush your hair anytime, anywhere without needing to carry around a big chunky hairbrush. It’s perfect for travel as its small, saves time, and will help keep you hair clean while also providing a massage as you brush. These brushes softly and harmlessly on your hair.
  • SOFT & UNBREAKABLE – Durable and high quality, this pocket hair brush is designed to be efficient, effective, and convenient for you to use at any time anywhere, whether at home, the office, on your commute, or at a special event. No matter the time or setting, these small palm brushes have your back. It’s well-constructed to last you many uses and comes in a multipiece multipack. It’s soft and very flexible to brush over your hair and massage your scalp without worry about it breaking.
  • EASY TO USE – These tiny brushes are stick to your skin well so it will last you all day and night long as needed. Application is easy: just slip over your palm, brush your hair and massage your scalp at the same time. With this beauty styling and massaging tool, your scalp will feel good, and your hair will look nice and orderly all day and night long. It’s a total lifesaver to maintain your flawless looks and a must-have for every teen or adult lady who loves to always look fashionable.


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